Product & Solution

The Magenta Robotics VCSR project has been in place since 2015 and is a technology that can be applied to all common robot services. VR simulation-based robot control system and intuitive user interface for user convenience are provided for anyone to easily control the robot.
Currently, we are focusing on developing vision system based on image processing technology using camera, sensor and S/W solution to spread and commercialize smart factories and industrial robots.
It also concentrates on the development of machine vision system based on image processing with various kind of basic sensors for smart factory such as camera, sensor, image processor and software solution for robot industrialization and commercialization.


MagentaW is a remote control system using VCSR (Visual Control Software for Robot) among the robot type that is mainly dealt with in the latest robotics engineering. This provides a Robot Control Service that allows users to use the 3D virtual reality to create a sense of presence by breaking away from the teaching pendant teaching method. It can be applied to smart factory, small quantity production system of various kinds of production system.

It also can be applied to a two armed remote controlled robot system based on action instruction through motion recognition.

  • Perfomance

    · Main Controller : Embedded realtime controller(module) with powerful function
    · Head : two-camera equipment(both arms), recognized as USB camera in PC
    · Dual Arm : Using Robotis submotor of 15 degree of freedom
    · Control System : Motion synchronization system by 3D virtual reality, remote control
    · Load Capacity : 3kg
    · LAN Connerctor : linked with Host through telecommunication, Compile and Deploy of Program, Status monitoring
    · Battery : DC power supply system, 220V(phase voltage)
    · Power SW : On / Off / Stay

  • Components

    · KINECT
    · Oculus
    · Magenta Control S/W
    · MagentaW H/W


MAVIX is a machine vision inspection system equipped with advanced image processing and deep learning technology. It can inspect various products‘ defect status based on 3D image mapping and reconstruction technologies and provides real time history and status of product recognition, numbering and other necessary information to customers. The system is integrated with customer MES through customization of the system and it ispects whether the product is defective by applying various specifications according to the user's requirements. It is a must-have basic tool for production automation in smart factory or small quantity batch production.

  • Perfomance

    · GPU : 1Tera FLOPS/s 256 core NVIDIA Maxwell architecture
    · CPU : 64bit ARM A57
    · CSI : maximum 6 cameras 1400Mpix/s (camera serial interface)
    · Video encoding : 4K 30Hz
    · recognition rate : 99%
    · image recognition speed : 0.5sec
    · Power supply system : 220V(phase voltage)
    · Sensor Resolution : 1920x1080[pixel] or more
    · width measurement : 550 x 300

  • Components

    · MaVLI S/W module
    · MaVLI Platform
    · Camera System
    · MES interworking GUI SW(customized)