VCSR (Visual Control Software for Robot)

VCSR is a in-house developed VR based two-armed robot remote control software and provides VR based contents with user friendly robot control system. The user can recognize the current situation based on the information of the camera, sensor information and information of the motor angle, torque, temperature, and current collected from the actuator. By creating scenarios easily, users can create various robot services.

Structure and Function of Integrated Control GUI Program

All the functions of the robot can be executed in one SW module. We have implemented the function to classify the functions in a simple and systematic manner and to define flexibly the robot task in installation and application.

Image Processing of 3D Shape Recognition

Image mapping module is a in-house developed image processing technology. It extracts feature points (corners, vertices, etc.) from images shot by two or more cameras, and reconstructs the object into a three-dimensional image to recognize the shape. This technology verifies whether the reconstructed image matches the standard of the product set by the user, and applicable to various industrial fields. The data acquired through image processing is integrated with the customer MES to provide a database of historical resources and product information.