• Magenta Robotics creates human value through robot technology.

    Magenta Robotics is a IT specialized company that's leading the new technology facing industrial changes with innovation and future value.

    With the pride of leading domestic robot industry and creating customer value, it will grow to a world-class specialized company in the fields of robot control and image recognition.

    CEO Ki-hyun Kwon


  • Ki-Hyun Kwon (CEO, President)

    Chungnam Nation University, bachelor’s degree in Physics
    Manager of Samsung Electronics memory development division in charge of manufacturing process image analysis
    Chief of DoDaam Systems' unmanned system division in charge of intelligent robot software development
    Technical leader of defense and public security section (Ministry of Knowledge Economy, 2008) for government funding project to seek potential use of robot solutions
    Main Projects
    Market test and validation project for intelligent security robot, aEgis-Ⅱ
    Government funding project for directional acoustic hailing device development
    Maritime firing training simulator development
    Advance coastal surveillance system development and integration
  • Gyeong-Chul Seo

    Ph.D. (CTO, Chief of Technology Officer)

  • Sung-Ho Park

    (CSO, Chief of Strategy Officer)

  • Strategic Planning Department

    • Strategic Planning
    • Financial Accounting
    • Export Assistance
    • Education Assistance
  • Vision Management

    • General Affairs and Business Management Assistance
  • R&D Center

    • Technology Development
    • SW Quality Management
    • Product Design
    • Research Assistance


2017 05 Awarded a control software development project for Reconfigurable module type service robot in a public bidding ordered by KIRIA (Korea Institute for Robot Industry Advancement)
04 Acquired Trade Business Code (Korea International Trade Association)
2016 10 Registered copyright for 3D length measurement program entitled "Object recognition module using 3D image reconstruction and mapping" to a Korea Copyright Commission
05 Awarded a NIPA funding project for "Length measuring system for atypical wire harness"
05 Awarded a SMBA funding project for "‘Atypical object inspection system based on 3D image mapping"
05 Registered a patent for "Dishwashing robot arm"
01 Awarded a KIRIA funding project for "industrial multi-purpose two-arm robot and its control system"
2015 07 Awarded a Daejeon Tech Park funding project
06 Establishment of company R&D center approved by KITA, Korea Industrial Technology Association
03 Acquired venture certificate from KIBO
03 Registered a patent for "Dish washing method and its system using cumulative information of shape recognition"
02 Establishment of Magenta Robotics


  • Copyright 2_3 dimensional length measuring Program(MaVLI)

  • Copyright 1_object recognition module by 3 dimensional video restoration and registration

  • patent application 2_length measuring system for atypical line using 3 dimensional map

  • patent application 1_length measuring system for atypical line

  • Patent certificate 2_Robot Arm for dish washing

  • Patent certificate 1_Dish washing method and system using cumulative processing of shape recognition information

  • Affiliated research center certificate

  • Venture business certificate


  • Address

    Convergence Technology Research and Production Center building 13 #502, Gajeong-ro 218, Yusung-gu, Daejeon

  • TEL


  • BUS

    town bus line 1, line 606, line 318, line 705


    Convergence Technology Research and Production Center Parking lot (above and underground) available